Please be aware that the following guidelines apply to requests for a Condominium/Lender Questionnaire:

This request must be requested by the Owner/Seller or Seller Agent.

The questionnaire will be ready within five (5) business days (does not include holidays) of the date that the payment is received. While we will make every attempt to prepare this information promptly, we cannot ensure delivery in less than the 5 business day time frame unless requested (for an additional fee).

Office hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Please call in advance for holiday hours.

The fee for the Condominium/Lender Questionnaire are:

  • $115 for Condominium/Lender Questionnaires (up to 20 questions)
  • $145 for Condominium/Lender Questionnaires (up to 50 questions)
  • $15 for additional questions over 50 (in increments of 5 questions)
  • $100 for an expedite fee (within three (3) business days – does not include holidays)

Payment Options

This order will be processed and the fee(s) for this order will be the obligation of the owner/seller or Seller Agent and collectible in a court of law as any other personal debt

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