Commercial Leasing

Need to rent commercial leasing space in Williamsburg and surrounding area?

Have a building that needs tenants?
Coldwell Banker Commercial/Brooks Real Estate provides commercial real estate solutions for investors and tenants in Southeast Virginia. Our agents, brokers and network of professionals combine to create a powerful team in the commercial real estate market that understands the market and the demographics to assure the right product and the right business mix come together.

Finding commercial real estate in Williamsburg to lease

Coldwell Banker Commercial/Brooks Real Estate excels in locating medical, administrative, retail and industrial space in Southeast Virginia.

A leader in the commercial real estate industry since 1885, Coldwell Banker Commercial/Brooks Real Estate, is a respected and trusted name in the commercial real estate community. We have a complete understanding of the market conditions, lease rates, availability, demographics, and specific market locations. We can conduct a complete survey of the inventory on the market and a comprehensive overview of the options available to assure the best business decision can be provided.

If you need tenants in your building…
Getting results for investors demands a commercial real estate company be innovative, aggressive and marketing savvy. Coldwell Banker Commercial/Brooks Real Estate demonstrates that it can meet the challenge of finding top quality tenants for your investment property!

Our services include:

  • Conducting a full needs assessment
  • Survey and prioritize the optimal solutions
  • Provide a property to property (apples to apples) comparison
  • Assure the process is methodical and professional to assure success
  • Listing medical, retail, office, and industrial commercial spaces for lease in Southeastern Virginia
  • Providing a network of industry professionals to make the transaction happen
  • Survey and Market to the surrounding business community through engagement and personal involvement
  • Access to and participation in both Regional and National Publications (LoopNet®, CoStar , etc.)
  • Network and promotion of the clients needs or the property to the commercial brokerage community from Richmond to Virginia Beach
  • Conducting a comprehensive needs assessment for tenants
  • Conducting and finalizing lease negotiations

For Tenants in our Commercial Leasing Program……

We feel you will find our Leasing and Managing process makes leasing a commercial properties for your business to be easy.

We provide a simple process for leasing a business location through Brooks Real Estate. You will find we have a broad range of Properties to choose from, and our on-line presentation of all of our Properties easy to navigate with an extensive photo gallery, mapping, and descriptive information. So that you have everything you need to inquire about any of our properties listed in our program, and make the right decision in locating your business whether retail, office, flex space, industrial, or specialty properties.

Further, you can contact any of our Leasing Staff to make an appointment to see a property. You will find our staff is seasoned and experienced, and with a process that has been developed over 130 years of providing commercial leasing services it to be professional and easy.

In leasing a property from Brooks Real Estate, you will find the process is well defined and very accessible. From the on-line rental payment options, to our automated work order request system for reporting repair items that require our attention; and, a 24 hour emergency reporting system for those extreme situations.

We have a maintenance program within our company that is very responsive and extremely talented. And, with so many years in business in the community, we pride ourselves on vendor relationships that we can trust to do excellent work and to be professional at all times.

Should you choose one of or properties to make your rental home, we look forward to working with you, and are confident you will find your stay at one of our properties to be enjoyable and comfortable.

And, please know that we offer strong Tenant Representation Services, so, though we are confident that we will have the right property for you and your business, we are familiar with most all the commercial properties in our market area, and can help you compare apples to apples options to again assure your make the right decision for your business needs.

If you are currently a tenant in our commercial leasing program, please note the options for reporting repairs on our automated work order process in the right side bar.

Meet Our Team

Michael Putt
Managing Broker/Owner
(757) 707-3069
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Hal FederHal Feder
Commercial Real Estate Agent
(757) 707-3089
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Jamie CunninghamJamie Cunningham
Portfolio Manager
(757) 345-5076
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Ted LaroseTed LaRose
Commercial Real Estate Agent
(757) 707-3083
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Mark GregoryMark Gregory
Commercial Real Estate Agent
(757) 707-3086
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Mike ScruggsMike Scruggs
Commercial Real Estate Agent
(757) 707-3084
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Tyler BrooksTyler Brooks
(757) 345-3856
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Henry WangHenry Wang
Commercial Real Estate Agent
(757) 345-6001
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John WilsonJohn Wilson
Owner/Principal Broker
(757) 345-5060
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The Benefits of Exclusive Representation Services for Buying or Leasing Commercial Property

  • Broker provides MARKET KNOWLEDGE to assist client in locating all available properties in the subject area and relates pertinent information concerning each property. In return the client saves hours of trying to research on properties.
  • Buyer/Tenant Brokers know how sellers/landlords think and the best way to leverage it. Quality brokers understand how to leverage their knowledge. This holds sellers/landlords accountable which leads the focus to qualified ones to gain the best fit for clients. This process brings forth expertise with markets on a local basis, competition amongst other sellers/landlords, and the ability to present successful outcomes to clients.
  • Buyer/Tenant Brokers understand the impact of your needs, location and amenities. In some instances, there are other factors that should be considered when exploring new sites.
  • Buyer/Tenant Brokers can analyze best economic needs for your building layout. Quality brokers have the ability to help you determine your space needs. This will save time from evaluating or negotiating for space that does not best serve your use. Quality broker is able to point out deficiencies and defects in the properties.
  • Buyer/Tenant Brokers will provide a high level of due diligence when gathering information for the Buyer/Tenant.
  • Once we have developed a list of properties that may be a match, we let you, our client review this list and prioritize which ones are the most interest. We then obtain and provide more detailed information on those you have selected, such as a property brochures, marketing materials and any other information we can collect. Based on those our client has chosen to visit, we set up a property tour. We point out both the features and shortcomings of each property you view.
  • Buyer/Tenant Broker will gather market information and provide a market analysis of the property that our client has selected. We then negotiate hard on our client behalf. We will discuss with our client what we feel is the best appropriate offer and terms. We will then compose a Letter of Intend for sale or lease for the property. We do a very thorough job on these documents, but we also greatly value the advice of legal professionals. Therefore, we often recommend a legal review with our client’s attorney prior to submitting an agreement of sale or lease offer. We can be very creative in structuring a deal that works!
  • This is where many of our clients find the most value. Any broker can present offers and counter offers. But a broker that really knows how to negotiate, is MONEY IN THE BANK!
  • Once your offer is accepted, our job is not over. Often our clients need help finding the right contractor, vendors and other professionals to make their move go smoothly. We at Coldwell Banker Brooks Real Estate can help connect you to the right person.
  • What says the most about us at Coldwell Banker Brooks Real Estate, is that we have been in business for over 125 years. Mr. John Wilson has been here since day one.

In 2017, Coldwell Banker Commercial / Brooks Real Estate handled Lease Negotiations and Agreements for the following businesses:

One Stop All Cleaning Solutions
Tidewater Mosquito Control
Shaggy Paws Spa, LLC
Brown, Carla
Williams, Tennyson
Happy 888, LLC
Pace, Rashida
Hughes, Kristi S.
Blue Talon Bistro, LLC
Yikilmaz, Berkhan
Oak Tactical, LLC
Maskervape Plus, Inc
One Stop Cleaning, LLC (Storage)
Marissa Talley&Michael Crawford
Latoski Automotive, LLC
Chosencorps, LLC
Landlock Pest Control, LLC
Woodfin’s Bait & Tackle, LLC
Charles & Kimberly Meyer
Spice Palace, LLC
Dominion Youth Services (Autism)
Tidewater Premier Properties, LLC
Burger Busters, Inc
Work Nimbly, LLC
Colonial Behavioral Health
Leona Q. McGowan and/or Assigns
Jones-Hudson, Renea
McKenzie, Larry
5 Brothers Lawncare, LLC
1st Corinthians Baptist Church
Clean Streams, LLC
Van Der Woodsen, Jason & Jennifer
Leech, Stuart
Dynamo Generators
Urban Escape Salon& Day Spa
Colonial Driving School
Uncle Russ’ Dockside Seafood Market
Capital Small Engine, LLC
757-Vapes IV
Ticconi, Roger
Taproot Hearth & Patio
Childs, Pete
Salvation Army
Trust Tree Counseling, PLLC
Mid Atlantic Time Systems
Pool Specialties & Supplies, Inc.
Miller, P. C.
Henderson, Lindsay
Freedom Martial Arts, LLC
Muffin Top, LLC
Coldwell Banker Traditions
Corey’s Country Kitchen
Brooks Real Estate (Storage)
S.H. Barner, Inc.
Vapezone LLC
Covington, Todd
Brock, Jason
Tate, Andrew
Nilsen (CBC), Susan
Henrich, LCSW, Helen
Groene, Fernando
Waltrip, Lisa
Mortgage Corporation, WestStar
Jeffrey Dominguez &Dominguez
Wealth Management Solutions
Wallace, Darnell
Dominion Day Service
AF Ross, LLC
Edward Jones (130B)
Manor Club@Ford’s Colony
Time-Share Association
D’Alessandro, Michael
Coleman, Robert
Williamson, Lisa
Real Property Management
Advantage Cable Services, Inc.
Behavioral Health&Wellness Center
Latoski Automotive, LLC
Positive Energy Massage, L.L.C.
Dear Mitchell Digges Design, Inc.
ATHC – Hospice LLC & Benny Nelson, Kathy Nelson
K & J Mechanical, LLC
Dominion Youth Services (Autism)