Jim Halstead
Residential Property Manager
(757) 345-5065 Office

Jim came to the residential property management business from the related fields of general contracting and home repairs. This has led to his philosophy on property management.

The housing market will determine what a property is worth in the rental market. The best way to enhance the income from the rental property is to keep maintenance expenses down.

The first step to this end is to find the right tenants who will be respectful of the property. We inspect the interior of the home twice each year to make sure it is being cared for and to determine if preventative maintenance is needed. When maintenance issues do arise, quick response to avoid additional damage is essential. We determine if there is a simple fix for the problem or a need to bring in one of our trusted vendors to keep the property attractive and functioning correctly.

Jim will personally look after your property to assure it maintains its value. We will also work with the property owner to limit liability and maximize cash flow.