Order HOA Documents – Deferred Payment

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The seller or the seller's authorized agent requests that an electronic copy be provided to each of the following named in the request: the seller, the seller's authorized agent, the purchaser, the purchaser's authorized agent, and not more than one other person designated by the request. A receipt of this request will be sent to the additional email addresses as well. Please use these fields for these addresses.
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If the settlement does not occur within 60 days of the delivery of the resale certificate, or funds are not collected at settlement and disbursed to the association or the common interest community manager, all fees, including those costs that would have otherwise been the responsibility of the purchaser or settlement agent, shall be (i) assessed within one year after delivery of the resale certificate against the lot owner (ii) the personal obligation of the lot owner, and (iii) an assessment against the lot and collectible as any other assessment in accordance with the provision of the declaration and §55-516. The seller may pay the association by cash, check, certified funds, or credit card, if credit card payment is an option offered by the association. The association shall pay the common interest community manager the amount due from the lot owner within 30 days after invoice.